Stay the [email protected]#$ at Home !

in #covid1910 months ago (edited)

It is more important than ever to Stay the [email protected]#$$& at Home !

A bed time Story read by Samuel L Jackson....

I see all these people on my street laughing and joking .... having fun.... standing 6 ' apart ... Good Times.

Then someone sneezes.

You know how far that sneeze travels ? Over 200' ... 6' is a joke.

Just Stay the [email protected]#$ at home.

MIT Study:


That was funny !

I thought so too .... he gets the message across. People are just not listening though. I’m not sure what it will take.

I can't believe people can't figure out something to do and stay at home ! weird.....

For artists it is not a problem .... We have all been living in Self Isolation for years.

It's not really like isolation when there is an art world in your head. 😄

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