My Experience: Through the Covid 19 Outbreak Day 1

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In the land of chaos with very little to do due to constraint in movement and limited resources, one is faced with the challenge of boredom to death. Will you choose survival? Its been a month and two since we woke up from the bed and realised our Journey from Mampong to Accra had been cancelled and all major schoo activities cancelled. Most of us thought it was going to resume in no time so we just continued with our daily activities aside school(Tamale).

It never occurred to me that i should travel home(Sunyani) since i thought it was a short break. The school authorities gave us little information about what was going on till the government made a public declaration that all school activities should cease. They further urged the student populace to move to their homes. There had been some confirmed cases of the pandemic infection Covid 19 and Ghana has closed its borders. Fast Forward to Present Day.
Ghana Health Service
Today is 19th April 2020 and its a wonderful Sunday. On a normal Sunday, I would be listening to the Pastor preaching at this time but we are not in normal times. I woke up to see news on development of the Covid 19 pandemic. As of yesterday, Ghana has recorded 834 cases with 99 recoveries and 9 dead. Meaning Ghana has 99 percent probability of survival when one is infected with this infection. It sounds far better than most of the Asian and Western countries which has a mortality rate of 5 Percent per statistics.

Everything socio-economic has been crippled and each day leads to much more difficulty. I have been trying to indulge myself in some online economic schemes. Im open to suggestions. You can suggest to me what is working for you for me to try. Nevertheless, im a photography so im using most of this period to learn new skills. I am now learning videography by helping my church prerecord the church service for livestreams on Sunday.

Today is Sunday. Less i forget, Tune into a powerful service in the link below:

Have a blessed Sunday. Stay Safe.

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