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Not gonna say much. Just read if you care.

Lock-down, Self Isolation. World's freaking out.

All these media news and people talks is messing with my head.
Why? If you read any of my other posts you'll know that I've been dealing with severe Anxiety for a very long time.

Anyways, my case now is literally hell. I don't know if I'm infected with Covid-19 or not. But, I'm sure that this just my Anxiety doing her job.

For the past 3 days, I had the cold symptoms (And it's gone now)
I also felt the fever and couldn't catch my breath... I tried to calm my self down as I was sure this was a Panic Attack, after I took my sedative it was all gone, thank God.

Now, my Anxiety is really fucking me up. A panic attack every 1~2 hours I can't take it... And now my sedatives are gone :|

These sedatives is what keeping me going through this "virus shit" days.

Yes, I'm asking for small donations. I need $35~$45 which will really help me a lot!!

(NOTE: Please, no hate comments or something like get a job) I really can't get a job right now.

I'm really ashamed to be doing this but, I'm sorry, this is my last resort.

PayPal: PayPal.me

Once again, please no hate comments. I can't deal with that stuff right now.

And I'm truly sorry for asking, never done it before but, I had to.

Sorry for being selfish in these days my friends.


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