COVID 1984 - Evidence of Totalitarian Agenda - Inflated Numbers & A Plan For Global Control

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The ongoing near global removal of rights from most people continues and every day we see new stories of suffering and exploitation. Whether it is violence among the most desperate in society or the disgusting level of profit being made by financial organisations and 'hedge funds' gambling on a global collapse while people starve and die - it is clear that action needs to be taken to improve the situation for all. Taking action requires right understanding of what is taking place and this is complicated by there being limited and limiting information distributed by channels that so many people rely on to interpret the world around them. There is no proven 'right path' through this challenge and in a free world, every individual would be free to find their own destiny through free will - but this world is far from free (despite advertising from some corporate controlled governments).

In this video I cover some of the recent evidence that has come my way regarding what might be termed as a totalitarian power grab that is eerily reminiscent of George Orwell's dystopian novel '1984'. People are being bribed to limit their neighbours' free movement due to them being terrified of an invisible threat that they do not understand and that numerous qualified doctors and professors have highlighted is being over exaggerated and manipulated by media and government agents. What is the end game? I have included here a clip from Arron Russo, successful film maker, politician and well respected American (now deceased) as he explained several years ago how he had first hand experience of the long term plot which the world's 'financial elite' were running against the rest of the world, with the intention of ultimately enslaving everyone and having everyone controlled via RFID chip implants and vaccines.

Make up your own mind and empower your will!

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