Social robot like WALL-E for sale

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Have you ever seen the film as well? If so, did you ever want to own a fun and an exciting little robot? Even if you say no this new product is a step in the right way, so without further ado I present to you:


SOURCE Anki youtube channel

At the price of 249.99$ its an ingeniuos design for entertaiment purposes
(more info:


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That is so brilliant. I am very grateful for that! Love it.

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Yea, I have a cozmo at home, he is pretty cool. You can just leave him to his own devices, and although he keeps wanting to play games, he is pretty fun to just watch exploring his surroundings and playing with his blocks. He even sings away to himself, gets hic-cups and sneezes. I would highly recommend him!

You can check out my cozmo here and see a little video of him in action and also see what you get in the box when you buy him.

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