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Dear Crearians on Steemit,

For your information, I am not a part of Crea nor Atomars teams. I prepare these reminders as part of Crea community. I took this myself as a personal responsibility. Also Please don't take this as a buy signal or sell signal. But I think being listed on more markets is a chance to reach more audiences. Because of this I will provoke you to give more votes as much as you can. Also If you watch infographics you can see results can change very fast.

You can easily create an account on You just need an email.

As Reminder for Atomars Listing Competition

After you comfirmed your account on You can give your vote on Project Voting tab. Don't forget to press vote button at end of the list after you checked CREA.

Voting competition will last 14 days. You can give 1 vote every hour.

Hope we will succes.

Thanks for your interest

For more information:

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