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RE: MikeTravel's entry for the #Creative-Steem Photo Editing Contest #1

I have never heard about the correlation between melancholy and creativity...just the one about insanity and creativity. Now that I think of it...sadness has resulted in a lot of great works... and the reaction too has been larger than those that result from happiness. I really should have made that connection

Anyway...I wish you a happy new year and hope the loneliness will be replaced with friendship now that you have joined this community :)

Have you considered joining the PAL Network?
I am almost always around to chat and there are also lots of other people around most hours. There is a radio can ask any questions you have about steemit...and there are lots of rooms and activities.


Thank you so much! I was alone on New Years that made me sad, so I focused my energy on doing something creative. By doing that, I could go beyond my pain and loneliness. One of the reasons, I travel often. It’s my other form of escapism.

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