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It's New Year's Eve, and I was feeling a little sad, and lonely this evening. I decided to work on this project hosted by the @creativesteem community which is ran by @creativesoul.


I was inspired by the quote "Art is an escape from the banal aspects of daily life." by an unknown author.
I altered it and changed it to fit my current mood.
I believe there is truth to speculation that there is some correlation between melancholy and creativity. It gave me an idea to put my photo as if I was climbing and escaping to get inside the colored bowl. It sorta reminded me of the film "Pleasantville."
What do you think?

To read the article on the correlation of sadness, and creativity. Check out Why the long face?

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I have never heard about the correlation between melancholy and creativity...just the one about insanity and creativity. Now that I think of it...sadness has resulted in a lot of great works... and the reaction too has been larger than those that result from happiness. I really should have made that connection sooner...lol.

Anyway...I wish you a happy new year and hope the loneliness will be replaced with friendship now that you have joined this community :)

Have you considered joining the PAL Network?
I am almost always around to chat and there are also lots of other people around most hours. There is a radio show...you can ask any questions you have about steemit...and there are lots of rooms and activities.


Thank you so much! I was alone on New Years that made me sad, so I focused my energy on doing something creative. By doing that, I could go beyond my pain and loneliness. One of the reasons, I travel often. It’s my other form of escapism.

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