magic rune wizardry 101

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[Timeline Zero]

You may use this as your steem avatar if you like.
This was made using 200IQ nextgen ultra something

Due to the nature of art, I cannot be held liable for melting anyone's brain or causing aneurisms from sensory overload. Please view my art at your own discretion.

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Are you ready to see more magic?
follow me, I have something to show you


Hell no, this is so impossible. A colour burst with connecting electrifying chains.

This is something far more complex than the last matrix you steemed. This is the galaxy.

You are just impossible.

Description of [Timeline Zero]:
Can only activate if the location rune points to [Ground Zero] or has pointed to it in the last 3 turns.

  • Pay 4 ⭆ Play [Wizard's Crown] in your next game.
  • Pay 3 ⇛ Create [Divine Compass] if you don't have it, or destroy [Divine Compass] and stop [Timeline Zero].
  • Pay 2 ⇒ Deal 0 damage to your opponent.
  • Pay 22 ⟹ Deal 00 damage to your opponent.
  • Pay 0 🫆🱄🺒🮼🈨🆞🨀🴺🂟🭒🅸🅽🮦🣾🞄🜓🮩🲂🩗🨥🶯🳏🏞🯤🺆🸤🷿🶹🷷🉳

Unique Modal.

Nice work keeep it up.