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[Poseidon's Key]

You may use this as your steem avatar if you like.
This was made using 200IQ nextgen ultra something

Due to the nature of art, I cannot be held liable for melting anyone's brain or causing aneurisms from sensory overload. Please view my art at your own discretion.

if you need help figuring out how to change your avatar,
just use my guide [here], and you should be fine after that.

Are you ready to see more magic?
follow me, I have something to show you


Description of [Poseidon's Key]:
Create a subtle white border around a 2x2 square inside your opponent's runes. (The white border is in the top right of the picture.) Pixelate it.

Then you may sacrifice [Poseidon's Key] to Duplicate and Bounce one of your locked doors.

Wow, this is beautiful. I just followed you so I can see more of your magic ☺

thank you ^_^

Wow, I have seen a few of these you posted. I love the colors of this one. Have you ever tried to do this as a gif? I can foresee stars shooting out. :)

thanks, I will have to try using this one for animation and see how it goes :)

Sweet, will look forward to it. I bet it would be awesome, but at a medium speed so I can look at it. :)

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This image depicts the art and gravity of the colors,