Digital Creative for Hire: 10000 steem for six months of my time, 4 hrs, 4 days a week.

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yep. i’m self pimping myself out.
it has to be done. if you don’t ask, you don’t get.
i realise 10000 steem sounds like a lot but also, it’s not.
especially if you have amassed a lot of steem over the years.
i also know how precious that steem is to you.
but i have to tell the story of my last twelve hours.

long story short, i may have no where to live in the coming weeks or it could be months. it’s not certain but it’s certainly possible. i’ve been in arrears with my rent where i am and although things are brighter recently on the financial front it’s still a battle, i’m gonna be pulling twelve hours days at least for the next month to pull everything together in the short term but i need a buffer or at least a beacon of hope if things need a chunk of change really quick and i wanna be able to have that.

i broke down in tears last night being open and honest with my daughter about the fact that things might change rapidly and i might not have a place at weekends for her to be with me at, that i might not have power or water, roof over my head. i have no fall back plan and no funds to get myself a place in the short-term, i don’t like relying on others to deal that with me, i won’t go into it here but asthma, mental-health and a bunch of other factors meant last eight months alone have been incredibly difficult.

my daughter started crying too and i can see she was upset that i might be homeless, it broke my heart. it made me more determined than ever. i’ve got tears in my eyes now just thinking about it (that said later in the night she opened up to me about other things that are going on in here life she wanted advice about so i was super touched by that — seemed being open and true opened up permission for her to vocalise too) how it went down, it’s been a damn roller coaster the last few weeks, but i see it’s all part of the change process, they never go smooth.

i’m just trying to maintain the work hours side because without electricity i don’t have computer, no computer, no way to make income. cascade effect, i’m stronger now than i ever was however so at least i have my mental clarity and health.

a lot is going to change in the next twelve months, the first six months me and @dayleeo have a crush plan including her in the uk, going to steemfest, firing up some mvp projects around three areas for steemit and saving up for a van to travel around the uk (vlogging it) and also europe. we want this, we are determined AF to have that life. that’s the first six months, the next after that is base setting up, between the first six months we will be doing a bunch of reccys for where base camp one will be, right now it’s looking like some mountains in europe (oooo mysterious) but we need our regular work to keep coming in.

so that’s my offer, i’m looking for a whale or someone high up maybe in steemit or the steemit team to see that i could be a valuable member of the team, we all saw the post i’m sure from @ned recently and how that effected the steemit universe in terms of new annoucements. i believe we need daily updates and weekly blogs — I WOULD LIKE TO BE THAT BRIDGE — think of it as a media pa, someone that does a quick video call finds out what’s going on behind the scenes and relays it to you and once a week we do a recorded videochat that i can distribute to all of you. i believe that steemit already has some great ambassadors doing their bit but i’d like to be the video/vlogging guy if possible to make that happen.

these are the skills that i can offer (in fact to anyone that has 10k of steem to drop on me for six months, 4 hrs, 4 days a week - 16hrs for 24 weeks) for the renumeration of 10k of steem.

  • i can work with slack,, trello,discord to keep us on track/conversing
  • i can make screencasts for the platform (i’m already making a course)
  • record blogs and video updates with great animated titles
  • write blogs about topics that the community wants more clarity on
  • interface with different whales/high level members to do focus show
  • record audio podcasts, setup calendars for meetings for those
  • setup distribution, work on building up the content creators side
  • plus a ton of other things i’m forgetting right now.

again, this is not a plea or an e-beg, i’m just holding a conversation, publicly, sharing, being open and trying to be humble in the process. i’ve got a new client and i’ve got a number of hours a week to work with that, that’s cool, that will keep us ticking over — but in the case of an emergency fund, well i just don’t have it. so i’m looking for something more solid, something i can do and be awesome at. i’m hoping i can make the right connections at steemfest 2 and someone will see that i’m the real deal. if not for me, for my ten year old daughter. all i’m trying to do is leave her the information, skills and a bit of resources to have a chance when i’m gone.

just a life update. everything still is as planned. we step through, day by day. i’m gonna have a little lunch, some water, take a walk, come back and crush ten videos back to back for the course i posted about the other day, because that’s what has to be done. we have to crush each day, because this stuff takes time to build and to distribute. i’m building the skillshare and udemy course as i go, i will push them in the next seven days. the next seven days are kinda important so please if you support any religious spirit and they have spirit guides send them my way! :)

lots of love
teamhumble x


Wish you luck from me here in the UK too! :)

thanks man. where abouts are you? i'm in the midlands

Southwest UK. Andover!

over and out! :)


Dear kind sir @teamhumble I think your decision to work for steem instead of fiat is a good idea. As an Allowistic artist I realized the lack of worth in fiat. The rich guys buying art are converting the worthless fiat backed by greed and debt into creativity backed by love and passion. This is why I choose to sell my paintings now for Steem and soon SMT that is backed by creativity love and passion of the people. I just reunited with my daughter after being separated from her for 13 years she is now sixteen. This is also why I traded all my bitcoin into steem and powered it up. By the time your daughter is the age of mine six years will have passed and this one decision to work for steem backed by the people will put you in a much better place than I am today. I would like to share a story with you about why I am going all in and only selling art for Steem.
Creativity flows in the waves of now
#allowistic art for your voting pleasure
Your invited to the Allowistic islands

WOW. just wow. instant follow. feel the connection my friend. we will talk further i'm sure. thank you. i mean that, thank you for the comment!

You bless me with your follow. I see me in you when my daughter had to leave with her mother and and I ended up homeless for a while. I think your idea to go van life is a smart choice. I think also if you put the same effort into telling your story your truth for that amount of time you will earn as much as if you hire yourself out. I would look at telling your story along side of building someone else’s story. We each have our own unique point of view that is priceless. In my story it has a very happy ending so have faith my other self you are on the right path.

thanks brother.

determined AF, that's you through and through x

yes sure. absolutely 1000% i never give up or give in. i can't. it's not in my DNA.

Thank you so much for your honest and humble story if had so much steem or other kind of currency or even money I had given it to you immediately.
All I can give you now is my word of appreciation and I wish you all the Peace ✌️ Love ❤️ and Unity you need to make it all happen for you.

xxx UnityEagle 🦅

thanks man. gonna fight for this one!

I hope one day I'll find artists that can be part of my speedpainting campaign. I would need someone to build image cells from images. I would also need someone to compose images together that produces a final image. this isn't only for me but will be services to other artists. once other artist understands the speedpainting process, they will be in need of your services. Most artist don't know the technical stuff about speedpainting but knows how to be creative and paint. Maybe knowing you, we could put together a secret documents on how to produce such services to other artists.

speedpainting. ok, that's interesting. i may look into that.

Keep working hard and you will succeed
You will be able to make your daughter happy
I am sure about it
You have lots of motivation
Keep it up

damn straight. thanks, means a lot. really does.

You are welcome
Have a lovely time

Sad to hear that. I can't help much but I can give you my upvote and resteem. Hope it helps. Stay strong!

happens. it's life. it's been rough. things are better. but i need something solid otherwise things could shift badly, quickly. we all have these times in life. i'm doing my best to work it through. thanks for the concern. staying strong!

There should be someone here in need of digital artists for sure. You should check out all contests for digital artwork and maybe try to get something there. I saw one for 50 SBD @shadowbot so check it out.Also see my last post. That might be able to help you some. And if you get some SP delegated or given you can make even more. + the visibility is awesome

yeah understand what ya saying. the drip feed stuff is fine but i want something concreate with someone that needs someone for a length of time really because if i have to find a sum quick it could be the difference between having a rough over my head and the ability to work and NOT. and that's kinda why i'm so determined right now. change was coming anyway, the next 12 months, next 6 in fact is a big one for me and @dayleeo so it's just foundations. i just hope the foundations are dry, have heating, electricity and we can work out way above it. that's all! :) again, thanks for caring. means a lot.

I hope you find someone to hire you then. I am out of suggestions :/ Hopefully everything turns out to be ok. I see steemit as a loving and caring community and there should be someone here to help you out. I just hope you find him/her.
If there is anything I can do to help don't hesitate to ask.

that's really lovely and kind from you to offer. i agree the community here is ace. i'm determined AF at the moment so today will be good and i've got the good coffee stuff in. it's gonna be a hell of a week! follow along! :)

Np. Here is a little boost from me. This is all I can do now. Hope it helps to get you into HOT

DAMN! thank you. just thank you. it means a lot to me that you reached out like that. if there is anything i can do you you. animated footer. anything like that. look through my blog you can see what i do work wise, just say and i'll make it happen for that kind gesture.

Hi @teamhumble, i am followed upvoted and resteemed as a tiny support.

thank you. it all helps. so much compassion in this place.

With you mouse. Even from accross an ocean. Always <3

means the world. with you and bella i have it.

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You are a talented author and a very charming kind man. I know the problems with rented housing, I also have to explain to my daughter such complicated things. I whole-heartedly wish you to succeed and forget about such problems forever. Health and well-being to your family!

thank you thank you. i know you truly mean that. my 'renting' is a little different and actually a LOT cheaper than most 'rent' it's to keep my van i live in a field basically, the problem is for a while i had breathing, health and such levels of stress and anxiety, maybe cascading from all the other things it really hit me hard. i know this is just CHANGE and i gotta MAN up. so i'm doing that! :) - as a mum you know what it's like. working on it!

Problems with health in the background of stress - this is what prevents me from living and working normally now. I understand you perfectly. And yes, my rent is also cheap, we live in a one-room house on the outskirts of the city) Hold on, everything will be fine;)

Didn't know you were having these problems. Chin up and keep it together, not just for you but everyone that loves you. I've met you once and know you are a good man, things will turn around.

yeah it's been fine for the last few years but things change as you well know i'm sure, so it's about the next chapter really. thanks for the kind words. i'm on the case, just hope i don't have to deal with anything system or society level in terms of housing as i dont take anything out of the system currently and i don't wish too either! :)

Keeping our ears to the ground for opportunities mate.

best. thanks love x