Fear of abandonment. Pen drawing.

Hello everyone,

Today I would like to share another piece from my recent solo show. "Fear of abandonment". I wanted to create a lonely piece that has the subject matter suspended in space.


9x12". Pen on bristol paper.







I went over the background twice with a sort of tight scribble maneuver. I really like how it came out.

This piece is sold. No prints are available right now.

That's all for today.
Copyright @achristopherart.
All Rights Reserved.


Wow! The background with the tight scribble maneuver is REALLY cool! That turned out great. The face is very sad and forlorn drifting in pieces

Have you tried intaglio? Your style really would work perfect with that technique and I think you can actually do things that you can't do with normal drawing utensils. The depth of the oil colour can be really beautiful.

I bought these deranged coins and for every five you should be able to send one new coin every day (and I bought 10 :). So I will try to give you one even though I had a lot of problems yesterday giving one to @mikkolyytinen.

Here goes:


EDIT: HAHA! It worked.

Hey thank you so much. I have not tried any sort of printmaking. One of these days I definitely will, I'm extremely curious about it.

If you were in Copenhagen I would set you up immediately :) working on cobber would not detract anything from your work, maybe even (or rather probably) give it something extra, and being able to make perfect copies in a small edition will make the extra work more than worthwhile. There is also a market for graphic art that might be interesting for you. Graphic collectors are very devoted people, and they tend to be less sceptical as they know about all the work that goes into the process.

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