Phoenix. Pen drawing.

Hello everyone,

Today I would like to show you this commission I just finished for a client. It was a personal commission and basically all they said was for me to do my take on the mythical phoenix bird and run with it. So, that's exactly what I did. I sent them progress pictures of it while I was working on it just to make sure everything was in order.


Here is the final piece at 16x16". Which is pretty big for me.


Head and partial background detail. The left side is composed of tiny bricks. And the right I hid little dark faces in the background and cross-hatched over them.


The torso area I decided to put in a bird fetus and some other friends coming out to say hello.


Feet and toes.




More of the left side pattern and wing.

I did this drawing on watercolor paper.

My instagram if you're into that:

Thanks for having a look.
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this is so cool. Love the fetal phoenix inside. The little dark faces are very well hidden, I did not notice in the big picture but they are a great detail, glad you pointed that out! This is a really cool take on the phoenix. Awesome!

Thank you. I was playing around with the idea of doing fire... but honestly I have not seen fire done well with pen and ink at all. Maybe some old etchings.. but I think it's because since fire is constantly moving and changing shape it looks weird in a captured image.

or it would look like a comic or a cartoon, so I avoided fire.

yeah I think that was a good choice. Breathed some fresh life, or undeath as it were, on this legendary bird :)

This one is very unique, never saw something like this before

Wow! excellent texture work! I am fascinated by the movement caused by the bricks and how good they look in contrast to the direction of the wing details! D: How long did it take you to do this?

Thank you. It's tough to say.. I don't really keep track of the hours. I would say 23-30 hours. I know it's a big range but I really don't know. I feel like the background on both sides took 8-10 hours easily.

Well, it feels the dedication of time. It is a great job. Congratulations again! :3

Wow, this pen drawing is masterpiece I must say


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