Prosopagnosia (inability to recognize faces) pen drawing.

Hello everyone,

I would like to share with you my illustration based on the inability to recognize faces.


9x12". Pen on paper drawing.







If you've seen my work before you probably know how much I like to draw strange faces. I think soon I'll need to change this up a bit and stay away from drawing faces.

Hope everyone is doing OK.

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I have that problem ... until I discovered it, I was having a hard time since there were people because I was not able to recognize even if I had been with them for a while and as a child I had a terrible time since they thought I was rude not to remember people 😣 ... now that I know what happens but I remember I tell people that it is my prosopagnosia😂

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Wow. Are you pretty good at remembering names though?

sorry for the delay of my response... than the names I remember very well the tones of voice so I usually recognize people when I do not remember their face .... I suppose to alleviate my lack of remembering faces I look for another alternative ... XD It is a bit complicated to explain

Just scrolling through your recent work; so inspiring. I love how truly deep your work touches me; as strange as it is to say but I am an artist and true originality affects me deeply.

Thank you Twirble. I enjoy your work as well.

And here'a another deranged coin for you...



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