ROT. Pen drawing.

Hello everyone,

Today I'm showing my drawing ROT. This was a very relaxing drawing for me to do. Consisting mostly of cross-hatching the background.


9x12". Pen on paper drawing.




Detail 2.

I think this drawing is pretty grim, but very peaceful. What do you think?

The original drawing is available here:

Copyright @achristopherart.
All Rights Reserved.


Fantastic cross hatching, and an elegant compostition. Most things I have seen from your hand was grim :)

Thanks! I guess 'grim' is usually the case. I'll lighten up one of these days.

Your art doesn't need light, it is fine as it is. Not sure about you :) I once read that it always is the humorist who commits suicide and the tragedian that live nice, calm family lives.

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Keep up the good work!

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I love the rich of the cross-hatching. Beautiful art