Trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder). Pen drawing.

Hello everyone,

The spooky season is over. But not for me. Today I'm showing the hair pulling disorder, trichotillomania.


Pen drawing is 9x12". Pen on bristol paper.





I had a lot of fun with this drawing.

I must admit, I don't really tear out my own hair but I am quite the picker. I still have a hard time not pulling off scabs when I get them. Gross, I know.

The original drawing is available here:

Hope everyone is well!

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All Rights Reserved.


Really cool! I love gross things! ❤️ This drawing looks like it takes long time to make. How long did it take? 😀

Thank you! I believe this took me around 14 hours or so.

Wow! Incredible! 😃

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