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I went back to my first post ever on steemit which dates back to almost 3 years ago and scrolled all way to yesterday. It felt really good to see where I had begun and how it has helped me grow. But the most important factor for me, obviously was seeing how much difference it made in my art journey.

One thing that I could not deny after seeing this was how @steemit made it easier for me to test and experiment things. I mean sure I could use social media but the number of people that have shared similar interests have always been larger here than elsewhere. It has helped me get some very useful inputs over these years which became a part of my art.


Today I picked my 3 favorite works from 3 different mediums : watercolor, ink and graphite. I generally don't like doing “favorites” from my own work but I think I only saw it fitting to reflect on them today after going back in time (a little bit :3)


I also submitted the sketch in the middle (above) for art @steemfest. I like each one of them for specific reasons which I am sure has leveled me up in some way. I started out portraits with pencils first and I remember making my first ever one of Johnny Depp. (Will probably share it sometime too)

In the beginning the failures were embarrassing for me but I realised down the road that I absolutely had to have patience with failing. As I keep saying now and then, I sketch portraits (or just concepts) even while watching something. It’s sort of cultivating a habit which is fun to stick to too! It’s very important to put in the hours if you truly want to learn and be good at something.


Every time I think I reach a mile stone, there are 10 others ready to be achieved. And that’s what’s excites and drives me. There is soooo much to learn and see and I want to live a life doing just that :)


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