Micro camper van project

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a couple of weeks ago me and my partner picked up a small ford transit connect with the aim of turning it into a micro camper van.
20200626 11.07.40.png
20200622 08.58.22.jpg
we striped the units out and gave the floor a good sanding.
20200621 14.00.11.jpg
next was the cladding and to make some over head storage, we wanted to try and maximise the limited space
20200623 17.17.05.jpg
20200623 16.56.03.jpg
once the walls where done it was time to start on the bed/seating and floor
20200624 21.05.20.jpg
20200624 21.05.01.jpg
i had some help when i was doing the floor...... she just supervised 😁
20200625 16.10.28.jpg
having the floor done made it look a lot better and cleaner
20200703 14.51.18.jpg
i have missed a few steps out because I've got 100's of pictures, please check my Instagram out for the rest 😘

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