How to add a custom Pin It button to your WordPress website | Plus free downloadable Pin It button files

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A Pin It button is an icon that appears when a visitor to a website site hovers over an image. Clicking on the icon will allow them to pin the content to Pinterest and link directly back to the original site.

If you have the Google Chrome extension installed on your browser, you may already be familiar with the default Pin It button that appears when you hover over images on a website, allowing you to pin content directly to Pinterest.

I wrote a tutorial to set your own custom Pin It Button on your WordPress website, so that when visitors to your site hover over your images, they will enjoy a custom client experience.

Encouraging visitors to your site to pin images to Pinterest is really valuable. Unlike other social media, where fresh content is hot first and then grows cold/passive, Pinterest pins mature over time. They become more valuable the longer they have been in the algorithm. So, Pinterest is a great investment of your time.

To read the full tutorial and to download the free buttons, please visit


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