Cast Away - sand sculpture by @mariandavp


Hope you are all doing well, staying safe and optimistic...

It has been a difficult or at least a strange summer indeed, the kind of summer we won't long for - but still I am certain that everyone had at least one or two good moments to look back to.

Me and my family have managed to travel at least for a few days to a couple of Greek islands, and despite the stress of mingling to enjoy a few moments at the beach.

Creative moments as well 😉 - though it was not my intention to do anything creative at all (except alter the ways of putting sunscreen). My cousin and my niece opened up this huge whole on the beach, and I just had to get this guy out...

The sand was not exactly ideal to make a detailed sand sculpture, but it didn't stop us from having creative fun and also scaring everyone away... Really important to keep the distances these days. Especially when you visit an island so beautiful where everybody forgets there is a pandemic.

It took longer for me to make this poor guy than it took my four year old niece to destroy it, but thankfully I managed to take a couple of photos of him for fun.

FYI we were in Naxos island at Agia Anna beach.




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