My precious Mind Palace - art by @mariandavp

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Sometimes it feels like the world around us is on the verge of collapse. Sometimes it really is; after all change is like death, we don't like it but we can't escape it. What we can escape from though, is the way we realize it. All we need is a Mind Palace.

I don't mean a Sherlock Holmes' type of mind palace, no! Remembering or recalling every single detail of our existence would add to the burden of change. My sort of Mind Palace is the single memory of a place I have or choose to create, that gives me joy and tranquility and cannot be affected by the ever-changing reality.

Today I painted this magic refuge where I am the sole inhabitant. I am able to come and go at my own will. I feel unshamed as I let myself swing like a child over crystal unknown waters. I watch the birds fly towards me as the sun touches down in a colorful horizon, but more importantly I feel caressed by a tender nature that keeps me from falling into deep at all times.



Do you have a Mind Palace? I would like to read about it...



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very beautiful picture...

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