She, village under a starry sky - art by @mariandavp

in #creativecoin2 years ago

To go back to art, means to go back to an empty page, to a white canvas and draw the first line with or without an idea of what you wish to create.

These past few days have been quite dry in terms of artistic inspiration and Steem involvement for me but it is my 2020's resolution to create a 100 artworks so I had to get back to work, even if I didn't have a specific theme in mind.

Of course, as I have mentioned many times in my posts, artists tend to fall into patterns that survive in the subconscious and surface every now and then, on their works.

Thus today's art follows pretty much my usual pattern, full of stars and turbulent skies, but it has an originality since it was painted horizontally as a landscape (village under a starry sky), and only in the end did I turn it vertically to look at the portrait I had created.

Quite a trip I took with my markers 🙂




I could see you work in some stain glass like material. Very nice @mariandavp

I have also thought about it @enjoywithtroy, thank you 🤗

Beautiful artwork as always, Marianda. I love the details in the sky and the village. The concept is so playful, you could use it as a background for pc horizontally and for smartphone vertically hahaha.

Thanks for sharing!

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