Painting process of "Firefly kid". 2019

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Hello again everybody! Hope you all are doing ok because all of you deserve the best-est of nights everyday!

Here I am again to show you the painting process and backstory of this painting you can see as my profile pic.


This is one of my most recent finished paintings. During the making process I used oil paint and acrylic paint. This artwork was some kind of experiment for me because it's the very first time I ever display oils into a very thick layer of paint.

The first step was making the drawing of the kid with a normal #2 pencil.

After that it is time for the first layer of paint. Before applying the oil paint I need to cover the "white" of the canvas.

Oil paint tends to be a little transparent, so if I directly apply oils it will need several layers of paint to achieve a uniform coverage.

This is the moment I use acrylic paint. And you would ask, why specifically acrylics and not the same oils?

It is because of the drying time. Acrylic paint have a record drying time, it can be completely dry in just a few minutes. On the other hand, oil paint is pretty much known for its slow drying process that could take even weeks.


(Yesss, I know it looks a bit ugly, but it's a completely necessary ugliness haha)

So that is the first layer. Now it's time for the second one using proper oil paint.

In this layer I try to achieve the most possibly accurate colors. The perfect purple for the background... the realistic skin-tone hue...


This is the fun part of making a painting. It's the joyful struggle of getting the right color. Mixing the paint in your palette and silently figuring out the specific amount of each color to finally get the hue you're looking for.



(That's my messy painting studio, I'm so sorry hahaha)

That's basically what I do until I cover every single element.


(Upsidedown view)




And voilá. That's it!

I know I told you I was also going to tell you about the backstory of this painting, but I think it would be even more interesting if I leave that to you :) What do you personally think it's the meaning of this painting? Can you make up a story behind this picture?

The message of a painting can be interpreted in so many ways by different kind of spectators, and that's one of the goals I keep in mind whenever a start a new piece.

Thank you so much for reading!!!


All the pictures in this blog belong to me.

How long would such a piece take you?

That's a hard question, to be honest... it usually depends on so many things :) like the amount of free time I have to work on it, and it also depends on how much I like the painting itself, because if I start hating the picture during the process it gets specially hard to finish it.

But I would say the total amount of time can vary between 1-8 months, and that's kind of sad hahaha

Haha! So the pieces you fall out with might take 8 months!

Beautiful! I had no idea you even intended to paint over the drawing. The drawing seemed very complete on its own. Clever to use acrylic to lay a foundation, too. I never painted too much, but I always used acrylic when I did. Oils are more intimating to me!

Thank you so much Ashley!

Oh yes, it's all about layer over layer until it's finished. In this particular painting there were like 5 total layers of paint! But I really enjoy the process :)

You're right! Oils are in fact very intimidating when you are learning the technique, specially because of all the rules you have to follow. But trust me when I tell you this, acrylic paint is waaay more difficult to learn than oils.
It's been 3 seconds and the paint is already dry in your palette, it's so frustrating!!!

Your talent is absolutely magical. I'm always taken aback for all the effort you put into your art, and the beautiful outcome is just breath taking. Keep on art-ing.

When are you coming back to the Steem Terminal @parchi-guaya and post this in the post-promo channel? We should talk for a few minutes, there is something I would suggest that you change.
This is an excellent post.

Thank you very much James! How are you? Yes, I was planning to come back and say hi tonight :) I have a few questions and wanted to ask you some things!

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