A perfect example…

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… why this is called street-ART!

Yesterday I saw a post from @tattoodjay where the first picture reminded me of this work.
I’m not sure it’s the same artists, but there are a lot of similarities in style… so, who knows. Seems Jay & I are attracted by the same art 😉

For those interested, I did some investigation work and found out the artist signs his work with the name Swed Oner. From there on, it was easy to find more information…

If you like this work you can read an interview with the artist here: https://streetart360.net/2017/10/17/interview-with-swed-oner-talented-french-street-art-and-graffiti-artist/
Or follow him on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/swed_oner/
Or on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/swed.fr/

(I shot this mural in Paris, not far from the Sacré Cœur… in case you want to go and see it for yourself) 😉

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Powerful art, I must say @pixelfan

Yeah, the guy is really talented!

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Beautiful work, I'm so so impressed by the way the artist makes his work. It's absolutely amazing.

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Indeed... and my picture shows that to perfection 😉

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Pretty great picture and just that transpires an emotion that cannot be expressed that even the time was beaten by life.

I couldn't say it better...

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I didn't know the artist, but he is a magician.
The faces express everything, sad feelings, poverty.
That lady instead looks happy and wrinkles tells us all the years lived.
Let them tell you about the beer in Paris hehe

haha, I will. Have one right now !BEER

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That is such an awesome piece of art, and I agree it does look so similar in style I do wonder if it is the same artist

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He could be. I saw he's working outside of France too but couldn't find anything in the states (yet)...
You look thirsty after that walk... have a !BEER my friend

I searched for his name inthe states as well but did not find anything I am now intrigued and will keep trying to find out more I need to walk back there to see which building it was on

héhé... now you have a goal for a next post 😉😂
Thanks for the !BEER

LOL It may be a while before I walk there but I will one day :)

Hey @tattoodjay, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Hey @tattoodjay, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Just wonderful and powerful artwork, thank you for sharing.

I like this photo

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