Thank you for the prize.
I am happy with it but as soon as the writers join I loose. Where are they? @carolkean??


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I would like to know where they are all at as well. This is a challenging contest. I think some get intimidated by it as it is not a normal way to write - as if there is a normal way to write to begin with.

Would you like to know a little bit about what I'm looking for beyond the proper use of grammar and punctuation (my poor editing skills aside)?

Trust me, I'm happy that you keep coming back no matter what place you get.

I will ask around. A part of them is a freewriter too and I know they liked it. Some struggle with health.. it might be a coincidence. A week earlier I had hardly anyone joining either. Perhaps its because Steemit is sold?
We can only guess about the reason.

I like the pulling aspect although it takes me hours to write and count the words mainly because my slow connection. It's old fashioned manual writing in my case.

Feel free to tell what you are looking for.
I a dpoll I asked people to join, also writing contest but most do have time but do not like to write. How come I am not surprised about that answer.


Beyond grammar and punctuation, paragraphs are fairly important. At times, I see you could do something like:

instead of simply putting each line on a separate line. Pretty much, it should (but doesn't have to each and every time) read like a book, a magazine article, etc. There are many spots where I've seen that you can do this. I think it would read much more smoothly. Maybe you are doing it on purpose, in which case, please, do enlighten me as to what you are doing.

I write every line in a separate line only break it off if it off if it comes to rhyming
If you see it that way, I don't, it has to do with the app/ste I posted it with and you read it with. I write it in the notes of my phone first and copy paste it and post. I do exactly the same with it on WordPress and it does not look that way here or there as far as I can see. Each post of mine is edited many times and I keep doing that if I see strange things or mistakes.

I am a mo e user only and can not avoid this.
I seethe same ugly ness I I try to read posts written by others. I can not read schedules, tables, etc.

The only thing I van do is give up on this contest and that's what I will do.

This platform is not mobile phone user-friendly and I van seldom use or Steempeak or esteem appts post with. Writing is hard because - if I can load these apps/dites at all - it can hardly be seen. The letters are simply too small.

Thank you for letting me know and good luck with your contest.

I didn't mean to scare you away. I'm sad to see you go. I hope that you will return. I do like reading what you post here.

May you be well.

@tristancarax you didn't scare me away but made clear what no one did. My post looks messy and its not worth 2-3 days work.
I always write it in the same way only the app I use is different.
I see a lot of posts that look messy to me, I can not read because 2/3 goes on outside my screen and I do not want to post like that.

I wish you good luck with your contest. No hard feelings. 💕