Thanks @free-reign. On to next week. Looks like another interesting subject matter.

Congratulations to the winners. 🥳

I once bought an origami book but I can not figure it out. I guess I am too stupid to understand the descriptions. I gave up on it.
I believe @cloudblade knows how to do it. I saw in the Netflix series "Black mirror" in one of the first episodes see a lady do it too.. So easily she fold the penguin. It is art for sure.

Good luck with the contest.

Thanks so much @wakeupkitty for your support and the support of this project. It certainly is an interesting one trying to complete a story in 31 sentences with varying sentence lengths.

It is easier as thought it's just mine are messed up after posting. Perhaps I can figure out if it has to do with a certain site/dapp? I wish you fun and a great day. 💕

Thank you for selecting my post as one of the winners @tristancarax. Appreciate the support and exposure.

Also congratulations to @oivas and @free-reign for your wins. This was a great subject matter for me.