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RE: Gift(s): Final Steemit Gift Thing

in #creativecoin2 years ago

So I was inactive for some time now, and then I enter with the will of post something... but first thought "let me peep some of those peeps I like to peep". I made a few comments on posts of mexican bro shimozurdo, and then.. "Let's check thilah". I remember seeing the first of these gift posts... think it was 'bout the spider or scrawly... And have to tell ya that the idea of these gifts was for me something very warm and cute. So I choose to peep this post before the more recent. Then I started scroll down the post, recognize the bear from rainite - yeah!, sadheaven's pic - musix!, arr - arrr! of course... and boom. I'm not kidding, my heart started pounding when I see the bugbut. Have no words to make you feel the way I feel now that I'm writing this. Mate... this is awesome. Wanna hug you! Wanna become a hugbot that can travel through the telecom infrastructure and gift ya a hugs. I shall return you this warmth. I'll crack a post tonight... and my next one shall be... something noice. For you. With love. BTW I wanna you send me this bugbut cat observer in all its glory. So, I have this website and there in the menu it says "contact". Send me... through there. Please?


Also... where the heck is the re-steem button when needed. Wanna re-steem this awesome post and cannot find it...

Huu unfortunately it seems the re-steem button goes away once a post reach it's payout. But thank you for calling it awesome!

I'm pretty inactive too it's okay pats And aww thank you! I like making gift for friends~ Would do it more often if it wasn't for lack of time and hands' tendency to hurt if I draw too much tear

Aaaaahhhh hugs you so much I'm really glad you like it❤❤❤ And fdhjdhfj oh my god you don't have to😭

And ohh okay okay! Shall send you the pic soon~