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RE: Reutersvärd Styled Steem | Crypto Art & Design Challenge

in #creativecrypto4 years ago

I love it! I think you're brilliant. It's very conceptual, and yet--there is a sense of community. Thank you for Reutersvärds (new to me). I found this quote from him: "I give the phenomenon of absurdity a kind of existence". I've always been interested in the intersection of the absurd in art and literature. I don't see a distinction--all part of a continuum that expresses modern culture.

Who decides on the winning design for this contest?


Thanks for the kind words, @agmoore! I'm truly humbled.

What I love about the quote you found is that Reutersvärd seems to have the perfect words to describe his own work. Absurd is a word that hadn't struck me in relation to his work but seems to fit right in.

@sndbox decides on the winning design!Check out the comments section on this post to discover some of the other amazing entries.

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