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This is my entry for @sndbox's Crypto Art and Design Contest. The idea for doing this post came about while hanging out with @manouche at her house. Our meetings are usually interspersed with art and creativity in different forms, and while we were chilling she suggested that we could use @sndbox's contest as a theme for our creative exploration. I loved the idea of doing steem related art and worked on my entry while we sipped tea and ate pizza.

The Entry


The Inspiration

The inspiration for my art was to try and create a tessellation using the steem logo. A tessellation is essentially a repeating pattern that fits together closely with no gaps. Many artists use tessellation, but one of my all time favourite artists who inspired my art is M.C Escher. I've used isometric lines and illusions inspired by him in my previous artwork and have always loved his work. For this contest I thought I could try and emulate his tessellated style to create a steem tessellation.

The Process

The base for my tessellation was an isometric grid. Escher uses them for some of his work, and even though it's slightly more complicated than a regular square grid, I thought it would be interesting to use as I've mostly used isometric lines for 3D illusions and wanted to experiment with triangle based tesellations.

I start by drawing a central steem wave across the grid and fill up the surrounding space by adding and subtracting lines from the space to complete the tesselation.



It took a few tries before I got a tessellated shape that worked. It's not as complex or creative as Escher's and not all the steem waves are proportionate, but I managed to meet my goal and find something that looked decent. After getting the basic shapes drawn, I added some colour and detail with black pens, watercolours and markers.


The process was a lot of fun, and it was interesting to try and use the steem logo in another artist's style while still trying to be original.


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Yesss! Love how you filled some of the blues in. One of our nicest art parties.

Thaanks! Art parties are the best, I'm gonna miss having them with you guys. We need to have a Kodai and Seoul edition at some point in our lives.

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