Activity Art Map !

Wassup! Are you ready for adventure? Here’s your guide to Creative Street’s 1st Anniversary. See you this May 19th at The Orchidarium, Rizal Park!


We would like to invite you on our next big workshop at The Orchidarium, Rizal Park on May 19, 2019, from 1PM to 5PM.

There will be a number of workshops, art shows and more!
Everyone can joinin the following activities:

  1. String Painting Workshop (exclusive for kids)
  2. Miniature Avenue - A Miniature Acrylic Painting Workshop
  3. Calligraphy Workshop
  4. Watercolor Painting Session
  5. Face Painting
  6. On-the-Spot Quick Sketch / Portrait
  7. Creative Street Art Show
  8. Giant Color-Me Doodle


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