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In my heart there's no place for you
And in my mind there's no space for you
The exit already melted away
And now there's nothing left to say
~Project Pitchfork

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 2.21.01 PM.png

Author's Epilog:

STEEM has always been one step away from a footnote in Blockchain history as a perfect example of how Ego, greed, ignorance, fear, and idiocracy will always defeat a utopian project. Thanks to the absolutely SHAMeful work of @ned and STINC, there is no better testament to the disfunction of criminally minded retards who feel entitled to decide the fate of the CROWd. Thank you @justinsunsteemit for accelerating and concluding the work of these criminals, and may you all reap what you have so disgracefully demonstrated as your dysfunctional deeds.

If IT should fall, and fall IT will, I hope that it extinguishes a vast majority of the wealth for two of the most pathetic individuals I have ever witnessed in the Blockchain Space..


Oxford online dictionary defines “pitchfork” simply as a noun meaning a farm tool with a long hand and two sharp metal prongs used for lifting hay, without showing any idiomatic usages.

I suspect “the pitchforks” here refers to the efforts / attempts/ measures to reform (A) system. I may be wrong. I don’t understand what “the pitchforks" here represents for, and what “the pitchforks change hands” and “pitchforks have their uses” exactly mean? Both of them Are popular idioms, For the writer’s particular turn of phrases...

The FIRST/4\LAST Chapter...








Because this is how you track results 🙏😎🥓✌️


Oops, @FrankBacon!! I think it's called #CUBIT!


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