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Hello Everyone,

I am back with another pointless post. Yes, not with any motivational article, not with any movie review, but with another one of my pointless blog. You may call this an experimental post. The reason being, well, I don’t really know what it is?

Wow!!! I am finding it difficult to write anything today. And it is making me feel bad, the worst part of it is that I don’t know what to blame. But let’s continue the breathing exercise and keep writing who knows, maybe I hit the mark. Even if I miss the mark it doesn’t matter because there is no mark to start with. It shouldn’t matter, but somehow it does.

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But what is with the anxiety or this restlessness inside me. I want to write something grand, something amazing, instead I am writing another one of my pointless posts. I feel like the kid who lost his toy, but is pretending that he doesn’t care because he is a big boy now.I feel like I am a fraud. Yes, It does feel like that I am pretending to be a writer.

My back is aching. My head hurts. I want to sleep, but I get restless. I want to mediate but I am unable to focus. I want to scream but don’t know the reason why. Is this frustration? Is this what frustration feels like. I don’t know. I have forgotten the feeling of frustration. I don’t know but something is very restless inside me.

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Ten minutes had gone by. Still nothing solid on the paper. I have nothing to show, Not even a single idea has crossed my mind in the past ten minutes. The only thing on my mind is to keep the word counter running. Okay, May be I can trick it by repeating the same stuff over and over again. But will it work? I don’t think so. I need more words new words. Words that would make me sound smart. I need big words. But will that work? Nope, repeating is not working. Instead, it is making me look desperate. But I am desperate. I am desperate to reach a certain count. How can I get there? Oh my God!!! I had been thinking so much but still there is nothing on the paper. How do others do it? I see it every day. They just let their heart out on the paper. Maybe I should do it too. But What is really in my heart?

All I want is to write something today, but why is it so hard? Why is it so hard to write without involving emotions? Maybe I can open Google and research something for a story. Who knows, maybe it will come to me. But that won’t be original idea and I might me labeled for plagiarism. I don’t want that. Okay, no need to panic. Just breath in and breath out. And ask the one important question. What you value more the quality or

the integrity.

And that is when I found the answers.

I am @inuke
Thank you for your patience to sit through this piece of whatever. Like I said, this was an experimental piece. So, please do share your take on it.
Also be kind and drop by on the discord channel be awesome and indiaunited. There are bunch of cool guys and awesome people around and few crazies like me. ;-)


It's getting better. A full vote for further encouragement.
You can do it buddy. In fact, you're already doing it.
Just keep writing.

Thanks for the 'vote' of confidence

You're welcoem!
( vote of ) confidence is my middle name ;>)

Haha everyone needs to shit sometimes, mental shit. I kind of feel like this was just a short story and you were playing with us though

I am not sure. It's like the challenge from the masterchef series where one person starts making a dish and the other person continue it and the next one finishes it.
With the only difference being the post was the dish and the persons were my different personalities. Hahaha.. #mentalshit

Hahahha awww you are a lovely mess <3

Hi, your friend @sayee has submitted this post to this Nonsense Contest. Now, you may object to it being described as nonsense, so will leave it up to you to decide.

Although now you have something to write about - or at least around.

I am glad that this post is worthy of being called nonsense. :-)
I was just trying to cough up my frustrations. Thanks you. And it's very kind of @sayee to take her time to go through such nonsense. :-)

lol, thanks for taking in that spirit. It is not considered nonsense. In fact, it makes perfect sense when we consider the block while writing. The humor is what made me share it and not everyone can do it.

I wish more could see the sarcastic tone behind it. Thanks again for showing the confidence in me. Will try something yummy next time. 8-)

I was reading this with some amusement thinking I feel exactly the same way.

Except for the fraud part, I try to be pretty clear with what I'm capable of and generally refuse to manage other people's expectations but still feel pretty awful if I think I'm not up to standard XD

Right this moment in my case though I have guilt paralysis and it's annoying the hell out of me no end >_<

Were you freewriting? If so mission accomplished :) If you were going for a story well one where you're the anguished character is still a story and you might be able to use it in a scene sometime ;D

Hahaha, i wasn't free writing. But I did accomplished something unexpectedly.
I was just trying to put the feeling into words. And it is 100% true that no matter how much I deny it I still seeks something presentable to the audience or readers in this case.

As far as I know this is just one off thing and not a story but then again I am kinda jon snow in this matter. I know nothing.

Wondering how far I can go with these blabarring..
Funfact I was actually planning on a comic strip but then again I don't know where to start. And I suck at freehand drawing and. Never used any tool..

Awesome. You just wrote down what all feel as maybe the writer's block. Sharing this

ha haa this is great big brother you have inspired me to write like you 😋😋😜

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