My Journey into becoming a aspiring artist

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All of us have a dream. All of us want to achieve those dream and live and let that dream become what we make our names off from. Most of you guys reading maybe artist,photographers,musicians, producers. All of those are dreams y’all are living right now . But what is the stories behind those dreams?

As a young girl at only 4, I was told it was impossible for someone of my stature to attend school kindergarten in fact. I mean we know people are going to pass you by in life and tell you that you can’t do this or you can’t do that. Though I continued school and got my education. Now we have all encounters bullying at some point in our lives. If you never got bullied, you lucky as heck. Unfortunately for me being constantly by my peers, pushed me down a dark and deep place for a few years of my life. It was not the best feeling in the world.

I felt honestly nothing gave me a sense of hope or happiness because everything seem to fail one way or the other. Then one day I just picked up a pencil and just started drawing. I don’t recall what lead me to that. Just guess it was my body trying to find something to make me happy.

I remember the first time I showed my mother my first drawing and her response was, it’s terrible and try harder. I was disappointed, I though at the age of 6 I was some master god at this. That I was like Picasso and my art was invincible. But it didn’t stop me at all. I kept on drawing and drawing and as the years pass on, I just kept drawing. There was no will for me to stop drawing , probably I wanted a sense of satisfaction when my art came to par with what my reality was for art? As a person who has been sexually abused and bullied as young as I am , I wasn’t like most victims who was shut in and hid from the world. My art help me thru those times, times of sadness and pain. When I felt at my lowest , I always had art to made me happy.

Wang to share your stories about how your journey to getting where you are started? The Story behind the what became of the pen name
You currently possess? Use the Hashtag #thisisme in your tags so share your stories. I’ll be checking and commenting and upcoming posts I discover.

And honestly being able to still be here on steemit and drawing and doing what I love and driving my art to you guys is why I’m still trying my best.

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