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RE: 3 Broken Ribs - Short story

in #creativitylast year

Ahh gotta love it when you get all busted up for nothing XD

I think the Sister was telling Raju do NOT disturb the patient? ;D

Why wouldn't they let him use his phone in hospital? o_O


Hahaha.. i guess the sister (@inuke)wasn't paying attention to the work..

Infact I was also surprised but few hospital here have strict policy against patients bringing their phones in.
I guess the doc hates it when the patient ignores their lifesaving advice in favour of some dog filter photo of some celebrity. :-D:-D:-D

I've never had a problem with hospitals here, just the usual asking that your phone be on silent/keep the noise down so as not to disturb others, though some wards ask you to turn off wifi/bluetooth so it doesn't interfere with other machines, maybe the hospitals there have a blanket ban for the same reason you can't use your phone on planes? XD

Also it would just be plain rude to be on your phone while you're supposed to be talking to someone else o_O