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This is the logo for the contest by @surfermarly!

I like so much to make logos because inside of 'em I can give to viewers so many information without saying anything! Ok in our case I said two words, "Surfer and Marley" but you can think that there many of logos out there with just an image and maybe one two letters the first one of their name! So the logo's creator has to provide you via colors, shadows, lines and shapes what exactly is this logo about!
Colors: light blue, blue gradient yellow to orange and brown, the font, of course, something that reminds you summer, triple object to give motion. Reflection on the letters with curved lines like waves, the surf and the surfer filled with the sun's colors. All together have a brown outline with a little white space between logo and outline for more contrast. As the surf is a water sport and usually the summer is its season I used the brown color inspired from the tanned bodies!
Estimated time to finish it: 1hour research, 3 hours designing and testing (x3) - As I designed two more logos and now they are sleeping in recycle bin! Everything is designed on Illustrator and can be resized without loose his quality!

100 % own work


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Yeah! Upvoted and resteemed.
Just fell in love with the coloring :-)
Nice job, crossing my fingers for you.

when my boss not around i'm going to try this! for fun! yay!

You can participate, but the contest was closed yesterday :)

Nicely done and thank you for explaining how much thought goes into these designs. I often don't think of that.

Good luck! That is a nice post

Thank you very much!! (Fingers crossed)

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