'Do not think about what will happen after batting'

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Tamim, who came out from the tournaments, came up with a unique example of Tamim.
Could not go to visa related issues with the team. Two days after the visa meeting team. But Tamim Iqbal did not have much time in the United Arab Emirates. The left-handed opener, who has already been knocked out of the Asia Cup, On 18 September, he was returning from Dubai to the country on 18th of the tournament.

In the inaugural match, Bangladesh team got a good start in the Asia Cup with 137 runs against Sri Lanka, which was a happy start. After that, Afghanistan's victory against Sri Lanka has already confirmed the Super Four Tickets. But Tamim can not be part of the team in the next matches. The second over of the inaugural match was knocked out of the tournament

Left-hander opener is frustrating to be knocked out from the fight against the superiority of the Asian cricket. When the country returned to the media, the disappointment dropped Tamim's voice.

Tamim said, "I was going to do a lot of exciting work in the Asia Cup, inside of my own. In the first match injury, which is why it came back to the country, it would be bad. I am very disappointed. '

Tamim, who came out from the tournaments, came up with a unique example of Tamim. In the 47th over of Sri Lanka against Sri Lanka in the second over, the left-handed opener, retired in the second over, left the left-hander this opener. Just got down, with the bandage in the left hand, the ball was just by the right arm with the Surang Lakmal

Earlier, it is known that the last of the Asia Cup Tamim Yet, he has been involved in the field, with fellow teammate Mushfiqur Rahim Tamim, who has established Tamim at the Dubai international cricket stadium since his dedication to the country, is now fluttering in the face of cricket fans. The whole world is being praised by the national team's dashing opener.

Regarding tackling Sri Lankan paceman Straiking in the hand with the bandage, Tamim said, "It would not have been possible to think about what would be going on in those circumstances. I did not think of what would happen afterwards.

Finding positive points in the knockout of the injury, the country's opener As a replacement, newcomers will get the opportunity to inaugurate and Tamim feels that he will use that opportunity

'If you think about the positive side here, then juniors have the opportunity to move forward. Now two juniors will open. They also have a responsibility. I believe they can learn a lot from here. There is a chance for them to have four or five matches in front. To make his own place, 'said Tamim.

Referring to his absence, the team's performance will not change anymore, Tamim said, "I do not think that the performance of the entire team will change for one of the players. It should not. The way we started, we got it. Hopefully, we will play this way in the entire tournament. "

Relief news is that Tamim is not going to have surgery on hand Yet the team management is not interested in taking any risks. So scan reports will be sent to Australia and England experts. Then the Bangladesh Cricket Board will take a decision on treatment

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