Tamim Iqbal is not a name now, an inspiration '

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Tamim, who came out of the field with an unbelievable courage, soon won the mind of millions of world champions.
Tamim Iqbal He is as devastating as the colorful jersey in the team, the restless patient, the left-handed opener. The party needs the last word to him. Which was once again found in the inaugural match of the Asia Cup 14th edition.

Before the start of the Asia Cup, due to injury to the finger, there was fear of getting out in the first match. However, in the first match, batting with all the fears. But just after playing three balls, he got a hamstring injury and went out of the field. In the scan report, it was known that the left arm clipped in the left hand wrist this opener. Not just matches, uncertain Asia Cup too. Team management also said, Tamim is not coming to the field today

Mustafizur Rahman was run out in the 47th over. At that time Tamim decided to make a brave decision. Gloves tied with one hand in one hand, took a bat with another bat and came to the field. At that time, the cricket-world is surprised as Mushfiqur Rahim remains in the field. It became a heroic legend. Tamim, who came out of the field with an unbelievable courage, soon won the mind of millions of world champions.
Not just playing on the field, but a ball played in that situation. Mushfiq also got Tamim getting inspiration. Tigers storm the throats. In all, Bangladesh scored a challenging 261 in the scorecard. Bowlers, inspired by Tamim's courage The Sri Lankan bowlers were bowled out for 124 runs. Bangladesh got a big win of 137 runs. Captain Mashrafe Bin Mortaza praised Tamim for praising the prize distribution and news conference after the match

According to the Bangladesh captain, due to the decision on the risks of his career, Tamim will always remember everyone due to his decision. Mashrafe, however, did not stop at all. The day after the match on 16 September, social media has posted a post on Facebook. In the Facebook post, Tamim has been named as the name of 'big inspiration'.

Facebook post link here

Mashrafe wrote in the Facebook post, "People will never forget Tamim's example for the country. Tamim Iqbal is not a name now, Tamim is an inspiration now. When Bangladesh came crashing down Dependable Mushfiqur Rahim and Mithun Bangladesh gets bigger collections of their two batsmen in the bat Congratulations to Munishi for playing an impressive 144 runs. Special thanks to the expatriate Bangladeshis in Dubai, who gave us so much love, through their support. Our love for all of my country is very much love. We will try, give you some good gifts while playing better.

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