Fox Business - Devin Nunes gives insight on the latest in the Durham investigation

in #crime2 months ago

I'm predicting AG Merrick Garland will get rid of Durham before Hillary is indicted. These people don't plan on having elections control....authoritarian tyranny is what they are after and Hillary is part of the club. They don't give a damn about what people, to include Congress members think. I don't think this will end peacefully.

Things they throw in your face and are blatant about it:
-Stolen elections in multiple States/
-Stating ANTIFA and BLM is a concept, not an organization and they protested, not rioted or looted.
-Admitted to deleting voting records and archiving that data on a different server, while never showing a change of custody required under law.
-Pushing vaccines while data shows COVID vaxx is not safe....they stopped others in the past that had lower rates of reactions, but they keep pushing this one.
-Lied when Biden stated COVID vaxx has full FDA does not.
-Hunter Biden criminal coverup.
-Handing over Bagram air base to Taliban and China along with all the equipment and pallets of cash.
-Abandoning U.S. citizens to the Taliban.
-Going after parents exercising free speech and taking control of THEIR school boards and kid's education.

I can go on and on, but don't have all day. Yes, based on this, these people will be bold enough to dismiss Durham and drop everything. One of the things that paved the way for this behavior is they are never held accountable for their actions....Mitch McConnell is one of the people that lets them off the hook.

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