Mark Dice - This Has Never Happened Before

in #crime2 months ago

Yes, we already know the world is upside what happens now. I want to be clear...I do not advocate violence and I am merely making a prediction. If this stuff continues, sooner or later, when justice is not served (clearly in this situation, it was not), victims and families of victims will start taking justice in their own hands.

I can see it now.....a black person shoots a family reunion (a bunch of white people) up in West Virginia..... or Tennessee...... or Alabama....or get the point....and then walks away with home confinement. Within two weeks, we all get breaking news the criminal and his family all died in a house fire. Also around the same time, we get news the Judge that let said criminal off on home confinement was killed in a shooting....suspects still at large in both cases....police have no leads in either case.

This scenario is completely believable given people will only take a certain amount of abuse....for me, that level is very close to zero. What level it is for other people varies, but the bottom line is everyone has a limit and when that limit is reached people will eventually feel like they are backed into a corner and they will lash out. That is a function in the human dynamic, so I find it hard to blame people for striking back at the people benefiting from or implementing injustice.

In summary and again, this is no threat from me, but a general warning to anyone screwing others over. This could happen....I've seen it before. If you are doing something like this Judge did by letting this thug go on home confinement, you are basically playing Russian roulette.

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