Earn STORM tokens easy.

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Get STORM tokens
Bolts are part of an in-app ledger system which awards points called Bolts for user engagement such as completing tasks. Bolts can be used to withdraw Storm, Bitcoin, or Ethereum.
Storm Tasks are offers with specific goals that users can take in exchange for rewards in Bolts. Tasks are based on geography and demographics so they may differ from user to user. More details on specific task requirements are available within the task offer.
You will be able to withdraw once you reach the required minimum bolts (Different for each currency). Please refer to the withdrawal function in the app so you can get real time withdrawal limits and currency conversion value.
Enter your ERC-20 compatible wallet in the upper right corner (this wallet should be alphanumeric and starts with "0x"), then click "Enter".Click the "View Tokens" button on the middle-right. You will then see your STORM balance.
How do you create a Storm, Bitcoin, or Ethereum wallet?
The process for creating wallets differ between services. Accepted wallets: For BTC: Coinbase/Xapo. For Eth: Coinbase. For STORM: We accept any ERC-20 compatible wallet; however, recommend Jaxx or MyEtherWallet.
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Sign up with my referral code and you will get 6000 Bolts when you try it! My code is Y4IYVO21.
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