Free BAT tokens

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Follow this procedure below.
Free $5 worth of BAT token as BRAVE REWARD!
Plus earn unlimited $5 per invited friends!
BAT token is already listed in CMC!
How it works?

STEP 1: Visit website & click download (you download Brave browser through this link only)

STEP 2: After download copy the link below and paste in your "Brave Browser" and register with email or gmail: 👉
Always confirm to your email inbox after sign up & log in.

STEP 3: Create UPHOLD account here
It requires AUTHY app for mobile verification to complete your uphold account.
Then connect your uphold to brave. All our earnings will automatically be paid directly to our uphold wallet every 8th of the month - NO MINIMUM amount.
STEP 4. Activate your referral promo code/link by connecting your website, twitch or YouTube account/channel.

Important: must use brave browser at least a month to get approved earnings of BAT from browsing and affiliation!!!
Switch off As blocker also.

Video tutorial:

For more info join our community discussion:



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