TOX tokens free from Tokrex exchange.

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IMG_20190129_100342.jpgETH founder's friend Started these coins.
Tokrex is the world's first decentralized and fully cryptographically real-time trading platform.
Trade your crypto coins and fiat money in less than a second - without a crypto exchange
Completely decentralized crypto trade

Tokrex allows you to trade your coin or Fiat money directly with your trading parties in real time. Completely decentralized, global and cryptographic. There are no more central crypto markets with Tokrex!
No risky third party.
Real-time trading.
Without block latency, Tokrex transfers your coins off-chain via cryptographic deposit guarantees and exchanges ownership rights of assets peer-to-peer. Trade your coins in 153 to 657 milliseconds - without a crypto exchange! It is a real-time system according to DIN44300.

20TOX free through my link



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