Watch videos and get permisssion tokens.

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Permission mission is to end data exploitation and empower individuals to control and manage their own data. We seek to facilitate trust between advertisers and consumers, enabling consumers to monetize their personal data while delivering improved ROI to advertisers.
BAT pursues a different business idea that connects publishers, advertisers, and users. The advertisers place their ads on websites that users visit. We connect advertisers directly to our members.
If you have added Permission 4 to your home screen and then log in, but see no videos to watch, you may need to clear your cache.
On your phone, go to settings -> safari -> Advanced -> Website Data -> search for permission , once found, delete the cache data by swiping from right to left
Time is money, and someone else has been making money from my time online. Now, I'm getting my cut.

I joined and am earning Permission tokens just for watching videos online.

Join me. Signing up is easy and you’ll earn Permission tokens just for creating your profile!

Use my link to start watching and earning now:



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