@lyndsaybowes & @mayb, thank you, ladies, for the nice backup. I'm feel like making a post about how to work out conflicts of this sort without the "aid" of the thought police. I got my point across and @bekar edited the post to remove my content. I've removed all my retaliatory flags. Please remove yours, too, so that this new steemian can get a fresh start.

p.s. @cheetah is a weener for ignoring me about @johnmcafee and not supporting me when I actually got ganked!

Where's my good friend, @cheetah to deal with this crap???

Here is the original post that I made 4/3/2018

Pardon me but what is my old post doing here in the form of a new post from you?

Thanks my dear friend

Friend? Are you kidding me? You just ripped off my post. Not a great way to get started on steem.

I'm a new steemit. I do not know if I'm a brother. So I saw a blog

Delete my material and replace it with your own original content.

if you were truly sorry, you'd use google translate to see that I want you to edit this shit so you can kindly not keep my content up. Until you fix this, I will continue flagging everything you do.

You really need to edit this post to remove my content.

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