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RE: Lessons from History - Crypto is not really a bubble

in #cry3 years ago

This was not the largest financial bubble of our time. The dot com bubble was. Also the crypto will not take off until people actually start using it.

As of now most people buy it and hope someone else will pay more of it later on. Where is the value in that? When people start using crypto as a way to pay for say groceries then we will see it grow.


@crypto2crypto do u think bitcoin will grow again?? our experts try to jugde bitcoin by past graphs but they time bitcoin was new and everybody wanted to invest in it... but this time the equation is different

but this time the hype will be even more, still majority doesnt knw about it and will FOMO into it , this will continue .

Of course it will. Not just BTC but the whole market. I think its safe to say that top 100 will still be here in 5 years, hell, even in 10. Not because they are fundamentally good(some of them are, some are not) but because the real hype isn't there yet. Crypto is still in infancy and real working projects are so few. Steem is one of them. Crypto exchanges is another type.

Even if Bitcoin will struggle for the next 5 years- its fine. More time for small fish like us to accumulate and wait till it starts the new insane bull run.

Obviuosly the whole thing may crumble and day. But I say chances for that are close to none.