@dashing I think i my experience that real value the Bit is 5000 but I believe that Bits Up soon....

Right are god for newbies who want to invest in crypto

@dashing dude its a market, whatever goes up comes down. It will surely rise again breaking previous records as more people are aware of Cryptocurrency. Only hodlers will enjoy maximum profits after bloodpath. To increase price again we need fresh investors. Keep spreading positivity and ignore FUD. Thanks

Hello... A rough set of data here Actually there was a bubble which is bursting, but that doesn't at all mean this would end the story of BTC or other cryptos.

Yes BTC has come down quite a bit from its meteoric rise at the end of 2017 and into 2018. Even still, as of this writing (06/26/2018), BTC is up more than 140% from one year ago (06/26/2017).