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RE: Lessons from History - Crypto is not really a bubble

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I hate the fact that the ICO bubble, which is real and people should stay away from, is giving crypto a bad name.

Ethereum is real, has not even started to be implemented in what I term the INTERNET 2.0 based on block chain technologies.

Blockchain and ‘ether’ are the future. it will be life, so I say NO to a bubble. Eventually one day maybe, but ICO will die a slow death and are in bubble mania and the SEC are looking at investigating them, due to money laundering and criminal activities inside.

We you spend an hour or so on some solid hard core research you will find that is most likely ICO bubble, but not in the crypto space. Some ICO are based around solid air, and people who do not do their research could end up in heart ache and tears.


I agree @kouba01 ico are bubbles but I strongly to purchase existing alt coins rather then going for new icos. However their is an exception like ont has done great work by doing airdrop and got great success.

Yeah you are right it's not a bubble it's a solid power

No doubt 99% of ICO's are a bubble, but people like to gamble.

I don't want to say it,don't debt here

I hope the SEC starts cracking down on these companies as well. I made my prediction about what the SEC will say. I think either is a commodity.