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RE: Lessons from History - Crypto is not really a bubble

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Thanks for the above information, So, In your opinion, what do you think is the reason for drastic change in Bitcoin and other crypto currency price? I think it is the immture and uninformed investors who are investing just as a trend and not on their own knowledge and research. What do you think?


Scams, regulation China and India. Wait! The Russia coming soon! But no problem. Go ahead! @mishrpx27

Really a lot of things going on currently with crypto.

I am holding all my coins from last one year. I believe in it. And like every investment it just need time to grow.

@chbartist u are really do great help... by replying to every one.... thnak u... we need more people like u

yes inexperienced and uneducated investors is a serious problem and a major cause for crazy speculation devoid of reason