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Every day the crypto market opens new projects for us, and with them new opportunities. Today, probably, there is no industry that would not have been affected by the Blockchain technology. But how to make it easy to use these features? Because today there are so many different interfaces and each has its own rules, commissions, conditions and so on. But there are among those that are most popular. This is a crypto exchange, transfers and purchases in the real world. Cryptassist is a project that wants to make these operations a part of everyday life. That crypto currencies could be used is not more difficult than conventional traditional currencies. Consider the ICO of this project.


This is familiar to all crypto holders:

  • waste of money and time. To buy a crypto currency, especially for the first time, you need to shovel a lot of information, understand many subtleties and spend a lot of nerves. This is exacerbated by high commissions that exchange exchangers with crypto enthusiasts;
  • inapplicability of crypto currencies in the real world. The millionaire eating noodles Doshirak - quite a common picture in our time. It is easier to sit hungry than to lose up to 20% on the withdrawal of crypto currency in Fiat;
  • a variety of crypto exchanges and service accounts. Those who deal with crypto currencies often register on stock exchanges or services that conducted ICO to feel their money. But all services and exchanges have their own nuances in the form of commission for withdrawal, a complex interface, special unforeseen conditions in the form of the need for identification, for example. It's not often easier to forget about your money than to withdrawal it.



Cryptassist is a multi-service platform on the Blockchain. It has everything that is relatively regularly used by every holder of crypto currencies. From the exchanger, to the ICO integrator.


Cryptassist opens new opportunities for its users:

  • for beginners this is a quick and painless entry into the world of crypto currencies;
  • for those who do not want to learn technical subtleties, this is the convenience of using crypto currencies in everyday life;
  • for crypto enthusiasts, this is the opportunity not to break away completely from the real world and keep in touch with it. At least something to eat;
  • for economists it is an opportunity to save part of their assets, which usually go to commissions when transferring funds from the site to the site;
  • for lazy it's all services in one. General rules of the interface will help you to easily and without stress use any service;
  • for those who want to get rich, this is the possibility of passive income due to the increase in the price of the token;
  • for developers it is an opportunity to create a useful service and make money on this;
  • for freelancers this is a way to find interesting technical tasks for performance;
  • for an entrepreneur this is the source of initial investments for the implementation of his project through the ICO;
  • for everyone else, all the other advantages of the platform and other private benefits from using the services of the Cryptassist platform.
    This is not all target audiences and not all opportunities. We will talk about this in another article. In the meantime, let's talk about competitive advantages:
  • high throughput. It is over 3500 transactions per second. Even in VISA this indicator is less;


  • debit Card Cryptassist. It allows you to use the top 50 crypto currencies in the real world. They can be withdrawn to Fiat in conventional ATMs. Internal exchange will take place automatically, without user intervention. He will only need to agree with the course. Or from time to time to issue warrants for profitable exchange. The card can be paid for purchases in stores that accept MasterCard.





Token: CTA
ICO Start: June 28, 2018
Completion of ICO: August 11, 2018
Soft Cap: $ 36,980,000
Hard Cap: $ 236.25 million



Cryptassist is all crypto services in one. This is very convenient - downloaded one application and before you a whole crypto world with all its most relevant user features. The project has high ratings on the listings of ICO projects. Cryptassist is worthy of consideration as a liquid asset.


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owww, very nice post. keep it up

Thank you vitavisor for the information.!.
Yes,cryptassist is an good idea and a very useful platform as well..
But the team has to work on it's drawback which they themselves have to find it ..

Thank you too! The project is well developed community

This vision of cryptassist is one of the best i have seen so far especially for someone struggling to understand blockchain principles

Thank you so much!

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