Funny story when I signed up for an Indodax account

A few days ago I was interested in registering an Indodax account so that I could use it in crypto currency withdrawals such as Steem, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Byteball and others ...

Because of that basis then I registered an Indodax account through an intermediary of a friend who was proficient in this.

After the account is registered, Indodax then sends a message via Email for verify the account I made ...Then I immediately did it according to the instructions in the e-mail message ...

After writing what was asked on a piece of white paper, I finally told a friend to take a picture of me holding the paper and then I sent it to Indodax for verification ...

After waiting a while, Indodax finally sent a message to the email that my account failed to be verified for a very funny reason ...😊.

Do you know what the message is ??
The following is Indodax's message:

"Hi Lutfi,

Sorry, your account verification application has been denied with the reasons below.

Reason: Please repeat your self verification photo again. Please indicate the cigarette when you do a self-verification photo. thank you

Please verify again.

thank you."

*It turned out that only because of a cigarette that I held in the hand that was the reason Indodax did not accept verification of my account ... this is really crazy, I didn't expect Indodax to be sensitive like this ...*😁😁😁😁😁😁..hahaha.

Thank you..



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